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The Common Sense Commodities Community

We are a Community of Traders that are here to help each other learn and share with each other what we know about trading the markets. 

The Community is FREE to join and all we ask is to be helpful when you can, ask questions when you have one, and never self-promote.

David Duty, a 20-year veteran trader, is the founder and Host of this community. His passion is teaching others what he has learned during the past 20+ years of trading.

Everyone who joins us becomes part of our Community, David has thousands of students in 67 countries and we welcome you to our community of traders.

Why You Should Join

This Community was officially launched in Jan. 2021 so it's just getting started. Our goal is to have 10,000+ members by the end of our first year. It's a big goal that requires a massive amount of time and energy on our part but it's a dream of David's, 20 years in the making. There is NOTHING else like it anywhere!

There is a lot of great free information here including free courses. We also have Premium online courses on Futures and Options, and a membership-only Course of The Month Club.

We hold FREE Webinars every Wednesday at 7:00 PM EST and they are open for all to join. These Webinars will cast a very wide net, and some will be on the Futures market, some on the Stock or Forex markets and some will be to just discuss how we can make our community better.

 THERE IS NO COST TO JOIN OUR COMMUNITY. Join us and learn to trade from others who want to give back to what they have learned over the years. Take our free courses, enroll in our Premium courses, join our Premium Plan, and join us in Team CSC, our live daily trading room Monday - Friday at 9:00 AM EST. 

You will find topics, events, and Webinars on Futures, Forex, Stocks, Options, and a whole lot more. Ask questions and get answers fast from the Community.

Our community is so much more than a Facebook Group, Blog, Forum, or Website. We call it The Common Sense Commodities Community.

There are PREMIER courses, free mini-courses, and a Course of The Month Club along with group chats, multiple Topics about Trading, Money Management, Software, and more. 

We hope that you feel you find your home here with us and share some of your knowledge and we will share ours also.

Benefits of Joining & It's FREE

  • Technical Analysis - Learn from one of the top authors and educators in the industry. Jump right in at any level. Don't know what a chart is, not a problem we have lessons on the basics too.
  • Money Management - Got that covered! Entire articles with videos about how to control your money.
  • Need some 1 on 1 hand-holding. Not a problem. We have Webinar Wednesdays where we cover specific topics each week and also have our "You Ask, We Answer" Webinars too.
  • Seasonal Trades - Join and learn how most markets have seasonal patterns that repeat year after year. We're going to show you how to find them.
  • USDA & Economic Alerts - Yep, you can find all the ones you will need right here.
  • Stocks - Yep, even though we were founded in the Commodities market back in 1997 we have a lot of trading-related information about stocks too. Just check it out. Remember, membership is free.
  • Forex - All the technical analysis techniques we teach can and should be applied to the Forex market too.
  • A Community, Not Just A Static Website, Blog, Forum, Twitter Feed, Or Facebook Group. It's so much more than any of these. These are not a true Community that's ad-free and your data is always private and will never be shared. 
  • A Real Community of Traders. Here, we have a community of people, just like you, who want to learn and share their knowledge with others. Some are novices while others may have been trading full-time for years. If you are the latter of these then by all means come in and share your knowledge.
  • Live Daily Trading Room - Yep, got that too.
  • So Much More - I could go on and on with all the benefits of joining the Common Sense Commodities Community. Why not just click on the "Join" or "Explore" button at the top of the page. (100% Spam Free) You actually get to control what articles, chats, or Topics you want to be notified about. Now that's cool.

The Community is an unparalleled learning environment where you can learn at your own pace. No one here will fault you for your lack of experience because we were all new to the trading arena at some point.

Knowledge increases in proportion to its use - that is, the more we teach, the more we learn. ~ Helena Petrovna Blavatsky 1876

We believe the best way to learn something is to teach it. David Duty wanted to learn how to trade, Therefore he began teaching over 20 years ago, and is recognized as one of the top educators in the industry. Hang out with us; share with us; learn from us and we will learn from you too.

We are here to help each other. Isn't that what a Community does? We are all here for the same reasons. All of us should want to share what we know and likewise learn from others. If anyone ever tells you that they have all the answers then I think they lie about other things too.

If you help enough other people get what they want, you will get what you want. (Quote by Zig Zigler)

We Have Rules!

All teams have rules; so do we. There aren't that many but they are strictly enforced.

1. Be helpful. There are new people here that are like you when you first started trading. They will ask questions and as a member of the community if you can offer helpful answers please do so.
2. No self-promotion or advertising. We are here to learn and not to see ads promoting your or anyone else products. That's what Facebook, among others, is for. If you want us to look at something you can send us a private chat, and we will get back to you about it.
3. No politics or religion. Each of us has our own political and religious views. We won't express ours and we don't need others expressing theirs either. Got something to say to someone, that's what private charts are for.
4. Be polite. Remember everyone has their own opinions and even if you don't agree with theirs it doesn't mean yours is right. Respect people and you will be respected also.
6. Keep it clean. Feel the need to make a strong point? That's okay and it's why words like shoot, heck, darn, and shucks are in the dictionary; use them.

Below Are Just A Few of The Hundreds of Topics, Post, Events, and Special Training Within The Community

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